Friday Morning Part 1

There was once a bright young man who was looking for a way to make good
decisions–to have more success and less stress in his life.
Although he did not make many poor decisions, when he did, they created
problems for him at work and occasionally caused upheavals in his private life.
He felt his poor decisions were costing him too much, and he sensed there must
be a better way, so he set out for the nearby mountains one day, in the early
morning light,to join other businesspeople on The Hike, a renowned weekend
experienced led by ” the guide “, an extraordinary businessman
and hiker who guided people through the mountains and through their decisions.
The young man heard that people had discovered a reliable system making, and
had returned from these weekends able to make better decisions.
But how had they learned to use it so well in such a short time?

Later, as the young man hiked along the hill the trail at the foot of the
mountain, he took off his light jacket and tied it around his waist. He
was sweating now, not from the morning sunshine , but because he felt
anxious .He knew he was late and lost. Soon after he left home, he realized
that he had forgotten the directions to the camp.Now he wished he had
gone back for them, but he thought then that it might make him a little
late, so he had not taken the time,Now very late , he proceeded i the same
direction but at a much faster pace.The young man consoled himself that he
was not the only person who needed to make better decisions .He had been
a part of several business groups whose decisions were , at best, mediocre.

The results of poor decision were evident everywhere people made
decisions : in small businesses , in schools, in government agencies ,
and , too often, in people`s personal lives. It was as though people
made no connection between their own choices and the consequences.

( to be continued )…




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