Friday Morning Part 2

The young man wondered why so many smart people so often
made dumb decisions. he began to criticize himself.He didn`t –
always know how to work as a decisive member of a group or
team.He knew sometimes he was indecisive. He just didn`t
want to make mistakes.Then he realized that he, like most
people,had never been taught how to make decisions.

At that moment, he stepped on a dry twig and the sharp
sound snapped him back to his surroundings.He stopped and
looked around.

It was then that he saw the other man.For a moment,
the two men eyed one another cautiously until the
young man noticed that the older man`s tanned
face seemed to radiate clarity. He wondered whether
this tall, gray-haired , fit-looking gentleman could be
the guide . For some reason, the young man felt safer
in the stranger`s presence .” I am looking for for the
Hike,” he said. The older man responded , ” I am your
guide .You are headed in the wrong direction.” Then
he turned and the young man followed him. The guide
looked back over his shoulder and said ” You might do
well to look at the decisions that made you late today”.
The embarrassed young man said nothing , but he started
to look at his decisions.

Later, the guide asked , ” Why have you come on the Hike?”
The young man answered , ” I want to learn how to make the
best decisions .” As he said it, he could feel the familiar
pressure of having to figure out what was best.He knew this
sometimes made him indecisive because he did not know
what was good enough. ( be continued ..)



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