Friday Morning Part 3

As he walked along , the guide said ” Perhaps you do not always need to make
the best decisions . For things to get better , we only need to make better
decisions.Perhaps, like the rest of us, you will find that you just keep making
better decisions, eventually you will do well.”

The young man felt a sense of relief.” May I ask what you mean by a ” better
decision ” ?
” A better decision is one that makes us feel better–about how we make it–
and that gets better results.
“By a better decision” the guide said, ” i mean a better decision that we would
have made if we had not asked ourselves a couple of valuable questions.
” Perhaps at times, you like many other people, feel that you are indecisive or
that you make half-decisions –ones you feel may not be good enough.
” Many of us you will meet on this hike overcame that feelings by using a
reliable system of doing two things–using our heads and consulting our hearts–
to soon arrive at a better decision.Part of this system consists of asking
ourselves two valuable questions, which we answer either “Yes or No ” .

The young man immediately asked ” what are the two questions?”
Before we get to the questions, shall we start our journey at the beginning? ”
the guide asked. When the young man agreed, the guide asked , ” As you
look ahead to making a better decision, do you know what you need to do
first? ”
” I am not sure, ” the young man said.
” If you do not know what to do, do you know what not to do?” the guide
asked. Usually, the young man was so busy doing so many things, he didn`t
think about what not to do. Suddenly the guide stopped in his tracks.
And the young man stopped next to him. The guide said, ” You must simply
stop doing whatever you are doing.” Then the guide pulled a folded piece of
paper from his wallet and showed him a part of it.

After the young man read it, he thought about it, and then took out a small
red journal from his backpack and wrote a note to himself:

“To make a better decision , I first stop proceeding with a poor decision”

..( to be continued ..)



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