Foreword Part 1

A year ago, my life had collapsed around me.I`d worked myself into
exhaustion, my father died suddenly , and my relationships with my
work colleagues and loved ones were in turmoil.Little did I know at
the time, out of my greatest despair was to come the greatest gift.

I`d been given a glimpse of a Great Secret– The Secret to life.The
glimpse came in  a hundred-year-old book, given to me by my
daughter Hayley. I began tracing The Secret back through history.

I couldn`t believe all the people who knew this .They were the
greatest people in history:Plato, Shakespeare, Newton, Hugo,
Beethoven, Lincoln , Emerson, Edison, Einstein.

Incredulous , I asked , ” Why does not everyone know this?” .
A burning desire to share The Secret with the world consumed
me, and I began searching for people alive today who knew The Secret.

One by one they began to emerge. I became a magnet : as I began
to search, one great living master after another was drawn to me.
When I discovered one teacher , that one would link to the next, in
a perfect chain.If I was on the wrong track, something else would
catch my attention, and through the diversion the next great on
an Internet search, I would be led to a vital piece of information.

In a few short weeks I had traced The Secret back through the
centuries, and I had discovered  the modern-day practitioners of
the Secret.

The vision of taking The Secret to the world in a film had become
fixed in my mind, and over the following  two months my film and
television production team learned The Secret.It  was imperative
that every team member knew it, because without its knowledge,
what we were about to attempt would be impossible.

We did not have a single teacher secured to film, but we knew
The Secret , and so with utter faith I flew from Australia to
the United States where the majority of the teachers were based.
Seven weeks later The Secret team had filmed fifty-five of the
greatest teachers across the United States, with over 120 hours
of film. With every step, with  every breath, we used The Secret to
create the The Secret. We literally magnetized everything and everyone
to us. Eight months later The Secret was released.

As the film swept the world, stories of miracles began to flood in :
people wrote about healing from chronic pain, depression , and
disease; walking for the first time after an accident; even recovering
from a deathbed. We have received thousand of accounts of The Secret
being used to bring about large sums of money and unexpected checks
in the mail. People have used The Secret to manifest their perfect
homes, life partners , cars, jobs, and promotions , with many accounts
of businesses being transformed within days  of applying The Secret.
There have been heart-warming stories of stressed relationship
involving children being restored to harmony.

..( to be continued..)



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