Friday Morning Part 5

The young man grinned at the thought of people stepping back to hold
the reins of horses that were no longer there.

The guide led the young man across a small stream. He glanced at his
compass. Then he continued , ” When the soldiers realized this, they
changed.But how many of us are holding on to something similar without
realizing it?”

The young man asked, ” Can I tell you the decision I need to make —
at work and at home?”
“No”, the guide said, ” I do not mean to be rude, but your decisions are
yours, not mine. You many want to focus on a business or personal
decision you need to make, and apply what you learn this weekend to
your decision and see if it works well for you.
“If you do, you will probably find that you can soon make your own
better decision.”
Then the guide asked, ” If you wanted to drive West, and suddenly
realized you were going East, what would you do?”
” Well, as soon as I saw I was going the wrong way, I would turn
around and change my direction.”

The guide agreed,” Of course.Our making better decisions involves us
going in a better direction. Now to get directions, do you want to rely
on others or have a good map with you that you can rely on?”

The young man said,” I`d prefer to have my own good map. I
remember reading Winston Churchill`s comment:

” Personally I am always ready to learn , although I do not
always like being taught.”

The guide smiled, ” Me too.It is a challenge for us to find a better
way on our own, but any of us can do it by using the “Yes or No”

” How do I know it will work well for me?” He asked.
” Why do not you just use it and see for yourself?
“Talk with the others on The Hike.While they are all from different
countries , they all have something in common–they use the
System successfully.
Meanwhile, you can begin with this inventory.”

The older man handed him an envelope and quickened his step.
” We are late.We only have a weekend , so we go at a fast pace,”
he said over his shoulder, expecting the young man to keep up.

Later, they rested on the trail and the young man read and used
what the guide had given him.



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